Founder and Chief Product Officer of luluble™, Inc.

The passion for cosmetics is what led Luciana Coutinho to successfully develop and launch over 1,000 cosmetics, OTC, and medical device products all over the world.

Luciana earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, a Certification in Cosmetic Technology, an M.S. in Analytical Chemistry and she has distinguished herself as a product development technical expert and brand strategist with comprehensive insight of CGP with more than 20 years of experience.


In 2019 Luciana Coutinho launched luluble™ Inc., a firm specializing in product development of topical formulations for the cosmetic, OTC, and medical device industry.

luluble™Consulting is suited for the development of formulation prototypes for the beauty and pharma industry from concept to counter,  with exceptional technical assistance from pre-development...


luluble™Beauty (launch Summer 2020) provides an innovative way for the beauty seeker to personalize and customize cosmetic products...


luluble™Cosmetics Studio provides basic and advanced technical hands-on training for cosmetics scientists who are looking to enhance their knowledge in product development...