About Us

About Us


Founder and Chief Product Officer of luluble™, Inc.

The passion for cosmetics is what led Luciana Coutinho to successfully develop and launch over 1,000 cosmetics, OTC, and medical device products all over the world.

Luciana earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, a Certification in Cosmetic Technology, an M.S. in Analytical Chemistry and she has distinguished herself as a product development technical expert and brand strategist with comprehensive insight of CGP with more than 20 years of experience.


Carla D'Aprile

Chief Executive Officer(CEO) & Chief Operations Officer (COO), Carla joins the Beauty Industry bringing a unique background of proficiencies, including over 20 years of international experience in the areas of Production, Manufacturing & Product Development Engineering, Sales, Business Development, and Operations.

Carla is diversely skilled in the Automotive, Metallurgical-Stamping, Industrial Services, and Distribution for Retail Sales segments.

During her Corporate career, Carla led highly skilled multidisciplinary teams in large multinational companies including Wurth, Leadec/Voith, ArcelorMittal, and Ford in Argentina, England, United States, France, and Brazil.

Carla’s passion for change management and organizational transformation, together with her strong winning track record in strategic planning, remodeling of processes, portfolio and team performance, resulted in consistently exceeding P&L and market goals.

She holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering with an Extension in Industrial Administration and Finance. She is a member of ABC - Associação Brasileira de Cosmetologia. Multi-lingual in Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French.

In 2019 Luciana Coutinho launched luluble Inc., a firm specializing in product development of topical formulations for the cosmetic, OTC, and medical device industry.

luluble™Consulting is suited for the development of formulation prototypes for the beauty and pharma industry from concept to counter,  with exceptional technical assistance from pre-development...


luluble™Beauty (launch Summer 2020) provides an innovative way for the beauty seeker to personalize and customize cosmetic products...


luluble™Cosmetics Studio provides basic and advanced technical hands-on training for cosmetics scientists who are looking to enhance their knowledge in product development...


NY-Tri state area-based company

Equipped for the development of customized formulations using
* Natural
* naturally derived
* bio-engineered ingredients

Our unique concept provides a personalized experience during formula creation

* Technical training for cosmetic scientists and industry professionals